Dark Frost - Jennifer Estep

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When compared to the first two books, I found Dark Frost a bit disappointing. Okay, there are big revelations. Some I’d already seen coming and others… surprisingly not so much. And some just plain out disappointed me. “Is that all? That’s the big evil plan, being, creäture, and so on, and so on…” I’ve repeatedly found myself in this situation. I expected so much more, some more tension, some bigger plot, a more surprising enemy. Anything but this. This was just unsatisfying.


I also struggled a lot with Gwen. As I mentioned in my review of Kiss of Frost, Gwen is turning into the average YA heroine you find nowadays. The ones who are too naïve and too proud to ask for help. As I already ranted about her behavior in that review I’ll keep it short here: she was just plain old annoying. Thank God for Logan, who sees where it’s heading and intervenes. And thank god that Gwen also has a moment of insight. Now she can go on to the next step: to act like it!


Talking about Logan. In the previous books there were some hints about a big secret, something that has scarred him for life. Okay, the secret was horrific and it must have been hard on him, but it was also some of the times where I thought That’s all? It felt a bit too mundane for such a magical world. Couldn’t his secret be a little more… imaginative?


There’s also something that bothered me throughout the story. Where’s the security? I imagine a school as significant, with such important children in it, why wouldn’t it have top-notch security too? Especially when there are indications that a reaper is hiding in school. Okay it could be one of the students, but isn’t this school created to fight them? Why doesn’t anyone take action? This situation reminded me a bit too much about HP, too, and I believe Dumbledore would have taken action ages ago. He DID do everything he could to protect the students.


Lots and lots of ranting, isn’t it? So why did I still like it? That’s because of a really great little sword with a very big mouth and Noth (read the story to find out I’m not telling ^^). And the plot. The intrigues, the interference of the gods, the prophecies. The whole magical world that Jennifer Estep created. That was what made me continue, even after the utmost eye-roll for Gwen.



3 HEARTS. Still a nice book to read, even if I didn’t like it as much as A touch of Frost and A Kiss of Frost. Gwen continues to be annoying and I was a bit disappointed with some of the things that were revealed in this book. I just expected more. Anyway, it’s still a fascinating world and the minor characters made the idiocy of Gwen’s action more than up for me: they made me laugh ^^

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