The Tale of Mally Biddle - M.L. LeGette

Originally Reviewed at Witchmag's Boekenplank


*A copy was made available by the author in exchange for an honest review*


Even though I could predict how most of the story would go just from reading the blurb. Even though the plot is not very new, or refreshing. (Lost princess? I can’t even count how many books I’ve read about that . ) Even though there were some other things that happened in the story that I did not like very much, I enjoyed reading this book. It has just the right mix of entertaining characters, good story and a lovely heroine to keep my attention. To let me like this book ^^


As I said, the plot is not very imaginative. It was easy to guess how everything would end, but M.L. LeGette kept me reading by not clearly explaining the who, the how and the what. She made characters behave in such a way it was hard to predict what their role was. Where they the good guys? Or bad? Or something in between? It was hard to guess at times, which made reading this book the more fun ^^


Mally Briddle was a great gal. She was obviously a bit too gullible at times. How else could you believe that someone is a Rebel, when you just met him? And agree the next moment to go on a life threatening mission? She could also be prone to acting rashly and therefore putting her and everyone in the Rebel army in danger. I mean, just because you found a new clue, you don’t have to risk your life and that of the Rebel army again and again by ignoring curfew and sneaking to meet them. What happened to secrecy? Besides these minor character flaws it was a joy to read about her. She’s got her heart in the right place and doesn’t hesitate to run out and help people. Even though she’s a bit clumsy at times, it just makes her more adorable to me.


One last thing though, but this is just a little, little thing that bothered me. The story takes place in a fantasy world, with Medieval aspects. And suddenly they are talking about December and Christmas??? Yeah…. that just didn’t sit right with me. I mean, never once was spoken about a God or deity or anything like it and the next thing I know they are celebrating a Christian feast. Couldn’t it be called Yule or something like that? And December? Did our calendar already exist there? It didn’t fit in the whole. But that’s just the nitpicker in me I doubt anyone else would be bothered by this.



3 HEARTS. Even without a very refreshing plot I felled compelled to finish this book. To get to know the truth, to know all the details. It has very likable characters, who are difficult to categorize. Are they the good or bad guys? A lovely heroine, who could be too gullible or too enthusiastic at times and therefore putting everyone at risk. Still, I had a good time reading this book and I recommend it to everyone for a dull Sunday afternoon.