Blood Solstice  - Samantha Young

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What a lovely end to this great series! After reading the second book I immediately started the last one in this captivating series. I was really glad that I didn’t have to wait a couple of months till it came out. I’ve experienced a lot with this book, I’ve laughed, but also cried (although the crying was mostly because of clogged tear ducts due to a cold ). It’s such a touching book!


Caia rocked, again! Despite all the setbacks, she faced everything head on, of course with the help of her increasing circle of friends. It was interesting to finally know why the war started, although I wouldn’t have dreamed that it was because of one women. Wich reminded me a lot of Troy, especially with all the names that were used.


Lucien really has trust issues. After everything that he and Caia have been through, shouldn’t he trust her a little by now? Nooo, of course not! I really could strangle him now and then. Besides his trust issues he also seems to be a bit blind when it comes to women who like him, especially if it’s an ex. Therefore no sympathy for him in this book: his actions have hurt Caia,once again. I really admire her for always forgiving him, of course after she ignores him for a while.


I found it less exciting to read about Jeaden. After a couple of difficult events, she completely succumbs to her hatred. Completely understandable, given what happened, but to involve others? I really couldn’t stand her when she shuns Ryder, who loves her and had to cope with it some difficulties. Fortunately he sees what she’s doing and helps her. Thank god for his insight in the female mind, why doesn’t Lucien have this?


Okay enough with the complaining, apart from these minor annoyances the story was great, therefore 4 HEARTS. A great ending for a great series! Although I’m glad that the ending hinted at another sequel, in the form of a spin-off series! I’ll look forward to another dive in this exciting world. Unfortunately I have to wait till next year