Greta and the Goblin King  - Chloe Jacobs

Originally reviewed at Witchmag's Boekenplank


Before I started reading this book I honestly thought that this would be a paranormal romance (an adult version). So I was a bit shocked to discover that our main character is only 17 years old. And then checked and found out this is a YA-book (Thank God). The book itself didn’t help correcting my misconception since Greta, at first, didn’t come across as a 17-year old girl. She felt way older. However, later on, it was a so clear that she’s still growing up… The cover also didn’t give me a YA “vibe,” what with the woman and man on the cover. They don’t look like teenagers at all! The blurb also doesn’t help you, since it doesn’t give you an indication about the age of our main characters. And since I started reading this book thinking it was a PNR, I felt that there was something missing (no not THAT). That it lacked that special chemistry between the two main characters that’s usually there in most of the PNR that I read…


There was also something else that made it difficult for me to like this book: Greta. She’s the most impossible, selfish, suspicious, I’m-better-off-alone…. and so on and so on. I did not like her at all. She does improve a bit throughout the story, but too little for me to like her more. And the worst was, that most of her actions hurt Isaac. That was something I could not stand at all!


Isaac is the Goblin King. I’d really thought I’d never write this but: goblins are hot. Or at least this particular one ^^ From the first moment you met him you can see how he feels about Greta. He does everything for her. He’s totally besotted with her. But does Greta see this too? Of course not! She stubbornly keeps on thinking that it’s all a game to him. A game that ends with her handed over to creatures who don’t think much of humans. It really hurt to watch how he was treated every time…. and made me want to kick Greta’s ass!The story itself starts strong, with a lot of action and adventure, but the awesomeness soon faded away. Till all that is left is instructing Lost Boys and dreaming about finally putting a knife through Isaac’s heart. Yeah, not something I like to read about and therefore I had a bit of trouble with reading on. Although 6 little boys fighting against evil and dangerous creatures had me focused once again. If only to hit the ones who thought it would be a good idea on the head! Afterwards my attention once again went away. The end was a bit more interesting, but not totally attention capturing.


The one thing that was totally perfect was the world building. Here and there I could see the references to certain fairy tales, like Peter Pan and Hansel und Gretel. It was great to think about which stories could be used. There’s also a cursed world full of magical and horrendous creatures, who, for a change, aren’t the bad guys (for the largest part ). A world where it’s forever winter, because humans let the evil in… (Sounds familiar, doesn’t it???) Yeah although it similar, it also different and I quite liked all those little references.



2 HEARTS. A book burdened with one of the most horrendous main characters I’ve ever met. Who manages to hurt my beloved Isaac time and time again. With a story that failed to totally capture my attention, but with a well build world where the most hideous creatures, for once, aren’t the bad guys.