Elfin - Quinn Loftis

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This book took off on a great start with some very memorable quotes and one very lovable and brutally honest side kick, aka best friend, aka Elora. I’m looking forward to seeing her again in the future. Now back to the story. As I said it rocked. With some puzzles here and there, people who are difficult to read. Are they the good or the bad guys? The story made me guess till the end. And I loved that part of it ^^


Our strong heroine was also awesome, although at times she was too gullible. Cassie is one in a million and totally not scared when facing a Dark Elvin Assassin. True, it helps that she is his Chosen, but still, I’d still think twice about knocking some sense in him ^^ As fierce as she can be when facing Trik, I’d wish she could listen to her instincts more. It would have saved Cassie from a number of tough and dangerous situations. Oh well, who am I to say stuff like this? Apparently she hasn’t read enough YA books to conclude that it’s better to listen to your instinct. Besides these little mishaps, she was a joy to read about. She’s got great spirit and just the right amount of humor. And one liners. Ass squared? She calls the most lethal assassin in the world ass squared? That’s just brilliant!!!


Oh and let’s not forget our quiver boy (I loved Elora for that one, it’s too awesome for words ^^), aka Trik. He too has his problems with making the right decisions at the right time. This mostly happens because he tries to protect Cassie. And what’s wrong with that? I admit, I might be a bit biased, too, but he’s such a tormented soul! So it’s understandable I was always quick to forgive, isn’t it? Especially after the truth of his past was revealed. He had to endure so much… And it explains his caveman behavior when Cassie is concerned ^^


As I said, the story was a blast, too. With hints that were dropped here and there. A lot of romance and some angst. I was enjoying myself immensely. If only the ending was as enjoyable. Instead I was utterly confused and had a hard time understanding what was going on. And it also didn’t feel like it was the ending, there was no closure (for the moment). There were also things happening that were incomprehensible. It was soo not coherent with the rest of the story and therefore the decisions made were too weird and incredible.



3 HEARTS. An amusing story with a good plot and suspense, but this gets all thrown out the window with the ending. I still can’t understand what exactly happened there and where the story that I liked went. It’s got two amusing main characters, who don’t always make the right moves, but have amazing one liners. It has an awesome sidekick too, who I love to see again. I Can’t wait which quote’s she comes up with then ^^

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