Glimpse  - Stacey Wallace Benefiel

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The first part of this book rocked. I had to hold my stomach several times, that’s how hard I was laughing. And that’s not something that happens often. I’m more of a quiet giggler. What came after that first part was still fun, with some nice quotes here and there, but the story was less credible and captivating. Sometimes it felt like sentences were missing, or that the author forgot to tell us some very important information. There’s just too much happening and it’s being told in a very short amount of pages. I’d preferred it if the pace was more relaxing, with more pages for explanations and room to breathe or to progress everything that just happened.


The romance blossoming between Avery and Zellie happens at the same neck-braking speed. It’s like the seed blossomed in one day! I know there’s an attraction between them and that they’ve checked each other out for a while. But they’re sixteen years old! Even when they have lots of hormones going through their body, I still find it hard to believe that you would take of your shirt the second time you meet! They both didn’t feel like 16 your old teenagers. A times they behaved older or they acted like little children. But never your average sweet 16. It was kinda confusing.


And now the Romeo and Julia concept. Although this isn’t the same story and they don’t die (at least not yet), I got the same feeling of star-crossed lovers. And I didn’t like it one bit that their parents tried to keep them apart. I mean, the vision is obviously something that happens way in the future. This means there’s plenty of time to think of something to prevent it from happening. And even if it did happen, they are soul mates, meant to be. So they would have at least some time they can spend in absolute bliss. Beautiful memories that Zellie will remember the rest of her life. What would you choose? Limited time with the love of your time (and a baby)? Or living separately, not able to love each other, in fear that one of you would die? I know what my choice would be!


What I liked most in this story, except from the beginning, was the concept of the visions and the powers everyone has. It was well thought off. Almost every question that I had, got answered. And the ones that didn’t, well let’s say they motivate me to read the next book so much more! Cause the ending didn’t help much in creating some anxiety for the next book. It was a Disney ending: too sweet and perfect…



3 HEARTS. The story started very, very good. However the rest of the story was a bit pale in comparison. A lot of things happened in just a couple of pages. I got the feeling that it was a bit rushed and sentences were skipped. I didn’t like the Romeo and Julia, star-crossed lovers very much, but that’s just my opinion. On the other side, the concept of the paranormal powers was well thought of and on the whole: this story was a nice read.