The Holders - Julianna Scott

Originally Reviewed at Witchmag's Boekenplank


What a pleasant surprise this book was. I was intrigued after reading the blurb. What, no book about the chosen one, but his sister? Hmmm that sounds… interesting! It’s going to give a whole new perspective to the story, one that I haven’t got the chance to explore. And it did, but I didn’t expect to like this book that much! It even has a great twist when Becca’s anger flares once again and she decides to throw an ancient artifact at the head of one very annoying person. And after that it kept surprising me more and more. And I found myself liking the story even better^^


This all had to with our main protagonist: Becca. She’s the best. She’s awesome, has a mother instinct where a bear with cubs can say u against. Has a great sense of humor. She can have a temper tantrums, but oddly enough I found those very amusing and it made me love her more. In short: I loved her to death and she made me crack up often. How could I not when she’s comparing herself to a bull, complete with steam and flaring nostrils?


The romance in this book was also wonderful. Even though there is a soul mates concept, it’s not insta love. More like slowly getting to know each other and forming a bond. I have to admit, there were some moments where I thought Becca would do things that would endanger the budding romance, but fortunately she didn’t make the mistake of not speaking up. Or suddenly following her daddies orders ^^ And of course I like her the more for it. Nothing as annoying as two people who are meant to be together but are not because no one is talking… Anyway, even after the big confession they remained as cute as they where before, or even cuter and I hope they’ll always stay the same ^^


Then there’s the world-building. People with “magical” powers gifted by same goddess? Marvelous! Only setback was that mostly men were given these powers and the women who did receive some, are infinitely weaker as the men. My feminist heart did not like that part at all. Fortunately for my sensitive feminist heart there’s a huge turn in the story which made her thump her fist on her chest and say HELL YEAH! I look forward to finding out more about this world, full of people who can read minds, travel through time, move objects and what not. It’s definitely a great place to be ^^


Only reason I couldn’t give this book 5 hearts was because I was not wholly there in the great story that Julianna Scott created. Just like Alex and his illusions, I was still aware of my surroundings. I wasn’t swept away, I wasn’t entranced. Therefore no 5 hearts, but this book is still worthwhile to read!



4 HEARTS. This book took me by surprise. It has everything I love to have in a book: a great and lovable main protagonist who DOESN’T do stupid things. Hart-thumping romance, a good plot and great world-building. If only it could make me forget the world around me completely…. Still a more than worthy read I can recommend to any YA fan out there ^^