Rapunzel Untangled - Cindy C. Bennett

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As you guys must now by now: I love fairy tales! And I love retellings of them. It gives a nice little twist to a well-known story. It makes you look at the story in a whole other way. “Did that also happen in the real story? Really?” I just love when that happens to me ^^ So I was really curious how this retelling would work out. Especially since this takes place in our time and age. Could it even be possible? Locking someone up in a tower? With hair strong enough to carry a man? And amazingly enough, Cindy C. Bennett made it work, made it believable. Although the beginning reminded me a bit too much of Disney’s Tangled, the rest of the story fortunately wasn't. It was a wonderful read. And it was as captivating as the fairy tale my parents used to read me before bed time.


Rapunzel, too, was a joy to read about. Even though she’s been “locked up” in her tower for her entire life because, apparently, she has a terrible disease, she’s not sad about it. She has accepted it and has moved on. A strong girl indeed ^^ Then there’s her joy at discovering new things! Like Fab said: “It makes you think twice about stuff you’ve known you’re entire life.” It was really funny to see she’s never heard of basketball, that Facebook is a marvelous thing to meet new people and her joy when she tries M&M’s for the first time ^^ So adorable too!


Fab Fane Flannigan (name still cracks me up) is the prince, who comes to “rescue the princess locked up in her tower”. And he’s soo sweet! He never forgets she has a disease, often asks if things will be okay and ultimately is the one who lets her explore the world outside the tower. And what a discoveries they make! It’s a really interesting mansion they get to explore ^^


The story itself is very gripping and kept me awake till way past bedtime I just had to know how the story would end. However things escalated fast towards the end. Till the point I had trouble keeping up. It was also confusing and I didn’t get the feeling that all the loose ends were tied up. Therefore I was a bit disappointed. For a book that managed to keep my attention throughout the night, why didn’t it have a great ending too?



4 HEARTS. I had a great time reading this book. The tale of Rapunzel and her hair is retold in a very inventive and fascinating way. I loved Rapunzel. She’s a great girl and I adored her innocence and the way she reacts to things she’s never heard of before. Fane truly is a prince charming, with always coming to her rescue and taking care of her. Only setback was the ending. It was confusing and I didn’t feel all loose ends were tied up.

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