Darkness Becomes Her (Gods & Monsters #1) - Kelly Keaton

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It took a while before I was well and truly into the story. Isn’t that strange? This is a book where all my favorite things are mashed together: shifters, gods, magic, romance, a mystery and it has a solid plot. So why wasn’t I swept along as soon as I started reading? After thinking about it, there was only one thing that could be the cause. It bothered me from the start and throughout the story. And it’s called Ari, our protagonist. To be more specific: I couldn’t stand the way she reacts to certain events. It’s like she only has two functions when she encounters something new: run like hell or become mad like hell because no one told her about it. Is it that hard to just wait, a few seconds at least, before doing something that will only make it worse?


Ari’s focus is also not functioning like it should. Cause who has time to go have fun and be a tourist when you know that your friends are in danger? While you are on your way to rescue them? I don’t think I would have been able to think about anything else! Fortunately for this book, I got used to Ari and her antics. She and I will never be best friends, but I learned to appreciate her.


And that was my ranting about the only letdown this book had. Let’s focus on the more than amazing rest! First of all this is a book were many worlds are mixed with each other to create an interesting mishmash. We’ve got vampires, wolves, gods, demigods, and what-not. Name any legend and it exists in New 2. And it felt absolutely normal seeing a vampire talking to a goddess! In short: the world-building is excellent!


Then there’s the plot and the big mystery it presents: what exactly is Ari? You know from the beginning that she is different, even from the other “normal” paranormals Like she often says herself: a freak of nature. The truth is slowly, oh so slowly revealed. And what a truth it is! I was familiar with the original story and I more than enjoyed the revised version. And look forward to find out more about what Ari will become. Cause her father’s genes can’t be left untouched, right?



3 HEARTS. Even though this is a beautiful story, which features most of my favorite genres, the presence and behavior of Ari were too much for me to really like this book. I can only hope that she learned her lesson and won’t behave like this in the next book. That she has matured quite a bit. Otherwise I don’t think I’m up to another adventure with her.

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