Touch of Frost  - Jennifer Estep

Originally Reviewed at Witchmag's Boekenplank


Ooooh, lots of myths, all tangled up in each other and used to create a whole new world? Where gods from all parts of the world play a part in? This had to be my kind of book. And it was. I just love it when well-known stories are put in a brand new jacket. When you delve in the more unknown depths of said myths. When you get to know more about the powers the gods of yore (supposedly) had and the focus is on the less known gods and goddesses. That’s exactly what happens in this book and I thoroughly enjoyed updating my knowledge of the world of gods and goddesses!


Add to that the rather mysterious main character, with powers unlike the Academy has ever seen, and my head was working overtime to think of all the things she could be. What makes her special? Is it her father? Her mother? Hmm.. A little too accidental that they are both death… Maybe something more is going on…. It took most of the story before I had this puzzle solved. And I quite liked the result. Only to discover the bigger puzzle it was part of…. A lot of my questions haven’t been answered, yet, and I’m looking forward to what the answers will be ^^


Gwen is you average teenage girl, who suddenly discover a whole new world she didn’t know existed. She has her less than stellar moment, but fortunately ALWAYS knows when to call in for back-up instead of going alone. She even tells at least one person what’s bothering her and doesn’t keep all the weird things happening to herself. Smart girl, otherwise it will create an even bigger fuss if you keep silent! Read too many stories to not know that . Gwen also has her heart in the right place, who else would go and investigate the murder of the most hated girl in the school? Even thought the ending is a bit different than Gwen imagined, I admired her for caring.


The only thing that this book lacked was romance. There’s enough opportunity in the form of cute boys. Especially Logan would be a great candidate, what with him coming to her rescue time and time again ^^ I loved to see a bit more conversations between Gwen and him, some more bonding moments… Although his reticence has me intrigued. There’s apparently something about the Spartans….



3 HEARTS. It’s the perfect book for any mythology lover out there. Myths and legend are given a whole new look and different worlds are mashed together in this book. Furthermore there’s a very puzzling main character, whose origins are very mysterious and puzzles me even more. This book only missed a bit of romance and it would be truly perfect for me. But I have high hopes for the next book!