The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back - Sariah Wilson

Originally reviewed at Witchmag's Boekenplank


*A copy was made available by the author in exchange for an honest review*


This was a very nice and light book that I enjoyed reading. It’s not the usual story where a female protagonist is so shy that she’s only able to glance at her crush from afar, on the contrary! Mattie has no problem to say exactly what she thinks of Jack. Even though she as a hard time breathing and can’t stop staring when he is near, even when he uses his most radiant smile, if she doesn’t want to, or thins he’s doing something he shouldn’t, she says so. And that’s something Jack never has encountered before ^^ And something I really liked a lot ^^


This book also features one of the nicest sisters ever. What Ella isn’t willing to do for Mattie! That’s why I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the beginning when Mattie gives her list of Grievances. The things she said… One good conversation with Ella and most of her Grievances would probably have been solved. On the other hand, I have a great sis myself, so I also understood a bit how she felt . Still, talking and explaining how you feel is essential in any relationship. Therefore I was glad to read that Mattie finally realizes this too. Ella is a very sweet and über nice gal and that’s just the way she is. It’s not something she’s doing deliberately, it’s in her blood. She’s born with it. And that should not make you keep her at a distance. So I was glad to see that the two sister grew closer and closer ^^


Mattie, too is a great character to read about. She’s got lots and lots of great remarks and one liners. And made me giggle quite a lot throughout the book. Her mind is a great place to be ^^ I also admired her for going against Jake instead of just giving in. And she really persevered! There was only one small relapse when she believed the evil words of a jealous viper, which disappointed me a bit. You know that she is a viper and you still believe her? After all this don’t you know better? But oh well, everyone has lessons to learn. And the ending made more than up to it. It was soooooo cute. It made me fall in love with Jake too and wish someone did something like that for me too. *deep sigh*



3 HEARTS. It was a real entertaining book to read. It was awesome to be in Mattie’s mind with her quote’s and observations. This book made me giggle a lot. I’m also glad that this wasn’t a standard story, where the hero finally notices the heroin and everything goes great from there. Nope, this time the hero has some work to do before he’s allowed to get to the heroin. And I loved it ^^ It also has great bonding between two sisters, which I totally understand, I have a sister like that too. All in all a good and enjoyable read!