Forbidden Forest  - Tenaya Jayne

Originally reviewed at Witchmag's Boekenplank


*A copy was made avalable by the author in exchange for an honest review*


To be honest, it was quite some time since I read the blurb. I knew very roughly what the story was about when I started reading, but was perplexed when I first encountered Leith. I originally thought he would be the "person of interest" (one of the biggest mistakes of my life) and was confused with Forest's reaction to him. That wasn't as it's supposed to be. That was pure hatred. She honestly wanted to kill him? What happened to the underlying attraction? It bothered me that much that I even thought about not finishing the book. But I'm glad I took the time to reread the blurb and continue reading. Cause with the understanding out-of-the-way it was a very enjoying read ^^


And it made me discover Syrus. The moment I met him everything became clear and he quickly became one of my all time favorite male protagonists ever. If only he could be real *very deep sigh.* Strong and at the same vulnerable. He's also very sincere and so cute when he discovers new things. Especially new things from Earth. It also helps that he's got a great build and handsome features. Minutes after meeting him he already had me wrapped around his finger and woe to anyone who dares to hurt him!


Oh let's not forget about Forest. She was also a delight to read about. Except for her temper, that was a bit too fiery at times. At the same time totally understandable after everything she's been through. I was too shocked for words when I found out and I couldn't have been more wrong with my earlier assumptions. And I admire her for pulling through. She's a real fighter and I'm glad she was finally able to meet Syrus. Besides I like it when they argue ^^


There was another thing that kept me reading till I finished: a beautiful world, full of paranormal creatures and dazzling nature. The story was also very captivating. Full of action and scorching scenes. I could really feel the heat (therefore me putting this in the new adult genre instead of YA). Oh and the ending! Just when you think everything is okay, there is a happily ever after, or at least some rest until the next book, it happens. BAM! And gone is that feeling. What rests is the dying need to get my hands on the next book. It's not fair to keep me hanging like that!



4 HEARTS. A well written book, that initially set me on the wrong path, but made more than up to it. It has two amazing main characters, who made me love the story more and more. Especially Syrus had me in no time under his spell. How could I not? He's too adorable and at the same time so fierce... Oh and be warned for the end. It will make you crave more, make you wish the next book will come out asap. It will leave you hanging for a very long time...