No Stone Unturned  - India Lee

Originally reviewed at Witchmag's Boekenplank


*May contain some spoilers if you have not read the other books in the series*


Yes! I’m back to loving this series. And just as I did with the first book, I read it in one go. Finally we get the story I’ve been waiting for: someone is out to reveal Queen Bee. I’m sorry but we live in a very advanced world where camera’s and mobile phones are everywhere. Therefore it seems a bit unbelievable to me that a secret like that could be kept forever. Especially with rabid fans like T. around. But oh well, it still makes an entertaining story ^^


It was very captivating to experience all the emotions Gemma goes through. Her stalker is so good it’s creepy. He / She completely shatters Gemma’s trust in other people. How could it not, if even your boyfriend doesn’t recognize you? Even at home she doesn’t get any rest… Didn’t she lock her door?


Gemma’s emotions are beautifully written. It almost seemed as if I was the one who wasn’t believed, was frightened to death, because I was sure I locked the door…. Wonderful! It made Gemma more human, more real. And I loved her more for it. Even if she doesn’t always make the right choices in the thick of the fight. Fortunately, she realizes her mistakes afterward and makes amends. She really has grown a lot.


Even better was the hunt for the impersonator. You only get the smallest of hints, which only serve to set you on the wrong path. Till the last moment I didn’t know, till the last moment I was guessing. Only to be surprised even more when the real culprit is revealed. Oh I loved that part the most!


There was only one thing that put me a bit off. Every book a new guy. Really? Why? Maybe because Gemma needs to learn how to NOT act if I have a boyfriend or if the other boy has a girlfriend? Fortunately it seems she finally learned her lesson. And she doesn’t plan on having a setback.


I also would have liked it more if Taylor was a bit more “fleshed out”. His character didn’t have much depth, besides being the perfect boyfriend. He felt more like a mix between Lucas and Damion. I’d preferred a bit more variation and less perfectness.



4 HEARTS. It’s a very good book and I loved it more than I did with book 2. This is the real continuation of the story. And in a magnificent way. The emotions were raw, real. As if you were the one who was being stalked and impersonated. There’s also a great mystery and I enjoyed every minute of it. The only downside was the new boyfriend, Tyler, who didn’t felt as real as the emotions. He was too perfect and a bit “flat”.