A Shimmer of Angels - Lisa M. Basso

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I had a hard time relating to Rayna. She’s been in a mental institution for three years because of her “illusions.” And she’s terrified that they will return and she has to go back. She doesn’t want to be separated from her family, again. Those three years were more than enough. In comparison: I had a very bright and easy-going life. The only thing I had to worry about was doing my homework and tasks. Therefore I had a hard time imagining the fear and frustration Rayna must have felt. The doubt every time she saw something she isn’t supposed to see. The worry that she isn’t normal. Because of this lack of empathy she didn’t come alive. She stayed “flat” and that took away a lot of the joy reading this book.


She’s also a bit too pessimistic for my taste. Okay, I understand that if someone discovers you’re seeing winged beings once again, you’ll be sent back. That you don’t want to be sent back. But to live every second of your life in ear of being sent back because you see them once again? Those beings don’t harm you, do they? So why won’t you ignore them? As long as Rayna doesn’t open her mouth nobody will know right? And if you decide to write everything down, because it’s too much to handle otherwise, please hide your diary somewhere safe and not out in the open. Someone else might come in and see it. That one had my eyes rolling.


Enough about Rayna. It’s obvious I couldn’t bind myself to her, so I went on, looking for other interesting characters. And found none. They other personages also didn’t feel very alive, “fleshed-out.” Distant angels, I could understand, but no lively humans? Not so much. Especially if it’s friends and such. It made reading this story a bit of a struggle. Now, after reading, I’m only able to remember Kade. And that’s only because he’s a delicious dark and handsome guy. That tends to stick with me The others? Not so much. They didn’t feel important enough to be remembered…


Talking about Kade, he’s the only one who made the story interesting. The mystery he presented, the link with her mom… My mind was hard at work trying to solve everything, connecting all the dots. There’s also a very nice angel world that kept me from being bored. And of course the enigma of what Rayna’s part will be. That’s what kept me motivated to read till the end. The end, which felt rushed, that managed to raise my interest once more. It raised my curiosity and left me with some unanswered questions. I don’t know if that will be enough for me to want to read the next book. Although Rayna grew a bit in this one, I don’t know how she’ll be in the next and I don’t think I’m up for another angst ridden book…



2 HEARTS. The protagonist, Rayna, is someone I couldn’t relate to. She had such a different upbringing than I had, that I just couldn’t imagine how that would feel. This made her feel a bit “flat” to me. She also has a tendency to imagine the worst, every single time. Also not something that made me like her. I’m too positive for that. The rest of the characters was as dull, or even duller than Rayna. Except for Kade, he’s the one who made me finish the story. The puzzle he represented was too hard to resist. And this whole new angel world I got to discover. That’s what kept me reading, unfortunately, that was not enough in comparison to the rest of the story.

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