The Fallen Star  - Jessica Sorensen

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Well… At times it was difficult to continue reading this book. I put it down repeatedly, because someone irritated me to no end: Gemma. She’s not the kind of protagonist I like to read about. It’s easy to sum up what she went through in the story: being terrified of monsters and other stuff, swooning about Alex (which got really boring after a while), freak out when she discovers another secret and last but not least: doing some of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard off. She even admit afterwards it wasn’t the smartest move to make. But why did you still do them? Yup, as you can see I wasn’t exactly thrilled about her…


And the big mystery surrounding her? I had most of it figured out minutes after I started reading. At least that’s how it felt. The story wasn’t captivating anymore because of this. That’s also a reason why I had to put it away so often. My motivation to finish it had dropped tremendously. Besides, the mystery turned out to be less exciting than I first thought. I’ve read too much paranormal books by now to find it thrilling enough.


Oh and I mustn’t forget Alex. Somehow he just seemed a bit weird to me. He can’t make up his mind about the mess he’s in with Gemma. He has worse mood swings than a girl with PMS and I just couldn’t find out if he was lying or speaking the truth. The most baffling were his actions at the end of the book. I really had a WTF-you-gotta-be-serious moment. His actions were totally mismatched with his character during the rest of the story. Did he suddenly develop a second personality?


Okay, so no gripping story or captivating characters. Maybe this book has some interesting bad guys? Nope, also not the case. The Death Walkers are monsters with yellow eyes and bony fingers. They make the temperature drop with a couple of degrees when they are near and they always wear a cloak. Doesn’t this ring a bell? Ever heard of Dementors? Except for the fact that they didn’t let people experience their worst memories, they felt exactly the same.


So what was it that kept me reading? What was so good that it kept me interested in the story? To be honest, it wasn’t that much. But there’s Laylen. His character lighted up the story. He’s mysterious, funny and honest. Finely someone who looks normal, for a Vampire at least. His introduction made the story a bit entertaining and aroused my curiosity. How would the story end for him?


Furthermore the world seemed to be divided into fractions. It was really interesting to find out about each one and what kind of job they have. Although I still haven’t got the faintest idea what a Keeper is. The other were a lot easier, since their names kinda explained everything. But since Keepers play a huge roll in this story, I’d love to get my hands on some more information about them.


The last chapter also helped in raising my opinion of this story. Because there’s this beautiful cliffhanger. And since a lot of characters acted very unpredictable, I haven’t got a single clue how everything will end. Which kinda makes me want to read the next book, even after this one gave me a hard time. Maybe there will be some improvement…



2 HEARTS. It’s difficult to grade this book. Some parts are worth 3 hearts, while others barely deserve one. Therefore I strike the golden mean: 2 hearts. This book has potential, but that doesn’t come forward while reading it. I was unable to understand the main characters and that made it difficult to love them and the story.