Tangled Tides - Karen Amanda Hooper

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Guess what attracted me to this book? Of course it’s the amazing cover! And then we have the very interesting blurb. Unfortunately I had to wait a little bit before I got to read this book. Turns out it takes more than 3 weeks to ship something from England to the Netherlands…. Isn’t England our neighbour? It takes less than a week if I want to get something from Germany! *sigh* O well, at least I got it in the end ^^


Enough about shipping stuff, let’s start talking about this great book. It starts with the amazing heroin, who’s certainly not afraid to give her opinion. Finally a heroin who isn’t afraid to show her teeth ^^ In comparison to Yara, Treygan stayed a bit on the background. He was a little bit too suicidal to my taste. Giving your live doesn’t automatically mean that the problems are solved. Also, think of the people you’ll leave behind! He just doesn’t seem to have the energy to keep fighting, although I liked how he changed at the end of the book ^^


Besides Yara and Treygan there’s another important person in this story Rownan. You even experience a part of the story through his eyes. I didn’t see the point of that. There’s no love triangle, so why is he so important? Although you get more information about the Selkies, it did not add value to the story. It could have been much more thrilling if you didn’t know what Rownan would do!


I like how the world of the merpeople and sirens is displayed. It feels and looks so beautiful. It was so easy for me to close my eyes and imagine how it would look like, although in my mind there was always lots and lots of sun-rays. Even when it’s supposed to be night. I don’t know why, but I apparently associate beautiful with lots of sunshine ^^ You also come across the myth of Medusa, in a whole new way and it gives a total different picture of her. A picture in which she’s someone who would die for her love, instead of the monster who would turn everyone into stone with her eyes.



3 HEARTS. The world of the merpeople was very fascinating and I loved discovering every piece, but Treygan made the enthusiasm I had cool down. I also didn’t like Rownan very much, I didn’t see why we had to read about him. Besides those “flaws” it’s still a good book to read and I recommend it strongly, if only to discover the wonderful world of Rathe ^^

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