Beautiful Demons - Sarra Cannon

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It’s been a while since I’ve read a book about witches. At first I thought, after reading the blurb and the title, that this book would be about real demons in human form. After reading it, it turned out that the cheerleaders are just “ordinary” witches. I was slightly disappointed, cause I was looking forward to read something about demons. The story would have been so more interesting! Not that it wasn’t a nice read, but witches are kinda standard material in YA these days and demons are not (haven’t seen them that much or am I wrong? )


At first I sympathized a lot with Harper, since she was innocent most of the times, cause she couldn’t control her powers. After she suffers from a combination of the flu and a magic spell, she starts to forget things and I started to feel a little annoyed. Okay, I know she couldn’t do a thing about the magic spell, but the author had written it in such a way that it wasn’t credible to me. To me it felt like she wasn’t trying her best to break the spell, while the author probably envisioned a much more powerful spell…


The ending of the book was a complete surprise for me! From the beginning I had one suspect in mind for the death of the girl, but it wasn’t that person at all! Also it was hard to form an opinion if the “witches” were good or evil, since every time that I had one, they did something to turn it completely around.


My overall rating of this book was 2.5 HEARTS, rounded up to 3. This was because the end was very surprising and because of my vapidity for knowing which way the witches swing . Look forward to reading the next book in this series!