Hera, Queen of Gods - T.D. Thomas

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*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*


As soon as I read the blurb, I knew. This was a book I just had to read. Nothing however had prepared me for Hera, Queen of the Gods. The book exceeded even my most wildest expectations And went somewhere not a lot of books have gone: the top of my all-time-favorite list. I had no other choice. With every word I read I was sucked in more and more. I couldn’t stop to catch my breath, or do other things. I could do nothing but sit back and enjoy the ride. And what a ride it was!


The book took off with a well-designed story and even greater world-building. There were explanations for everything. From how gods are able to walk among humans to how mortals were unable to detect the humans. Everything fit. Even the smallest details were taken care off. And those were what made it so interesting! There were also some very interesting new aspects that made the book even better. I won’t elaborate, this is something you’ll have to read yourself .


The story was also brilliant. In this book it’s all about one question: where are the Fates? Without them the world will crumble. And why would someone take them? The answer to those two questions are slowly revealed throughout the story. At least the why and what a well-thought why it was! The who remained a mystery till the end. Till the big show-down. And made my mouth drop open from surprise. It was so not who I thought it would be! Which made me like the book even more.


This book is also not as “fluffy” as I thought it would be. A Disney fairy-tale where only the bad guys die and everyone has a happily ever after. No, there are hard choices to be made. Choices that sometimes are not easy at all and have deadly consequences. There were multiple times where I had to blink my tears away. And some events baffle me still. Events I’ve never would have thought of, events that have far-reaching consequences. And I’m very curious how T.D. Thomas will process this in the next book!


And now something about this book’s protagonist: Hera. The Queen of Gods. To be honest this is the first book, that I can remember, where she’s the good guy. A nice person, instead of the bitter, jealous wife of a cheating husband. I liked seeing her from another point of view. I finally got to know her in this book. I could finally see the real person goddess behind all the bitterness. All the suffering she felt every time Zeus cheated on her. And the sacrifices she has made over the eons. How she’s willing to do so much for other people. Even if this means she will be unhappy and lonely. This book was a real eye-opener for me! From now on Hera will be a kick-ass goddess for me, instead of the jealous wife. Someone willing to die for the greater good. She’s one of the best goddesses to have around. Even if she can be haughty.


Hera also grows tremendously in this book. From a very superior, detached queen of the gods she slowly becomes more human Or at least willing to talk to humans. I could actually see this progress happening from the way she spoke and her thoughts. At the beginning of the book she sounded like an ancient Goddess. This changes throughout the story, till you feel you’re dealing with a very mature teenager. She became more human and I was very glad for her. She doesn’t have to seclude herself! She too deserves some happiness!


Hera didn’t change on her own, no there was a reason for this transformation: Justin. He shows her isn’t alone. That she has friends and that she doesn’t have to keep everything inside. It’s okay to talk about problems with other people. That she can open her heart. That she doesn’t have to stay with her cheating scumbag of a husband (something I’ve always wondered: why didn’t she leave him?) And I’m so grateful to Justin for doing so. Hera deserves every happiness she can get!



5 HEARTS. This book deserves no less. The story is handled very well. Everything fit and ran seamlessly. It was full of action and surprises. It held me captivated till the and. I finally got to know the real Hera, the Hera behind the mask of jealous and revengeful wife and the boy who changed here. I’m so glad for that last part . It’s a story that you won’t be able to put down. A story where sometimes tears will fall. Above all it’s a story you must have read. Therefore I strongly urge everyone to do so

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