Revealing Eden: Save the Pearls Part One - Victoria Foyt

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What an amazing story! Victoria Foyt has a very engaging writing style. I was easily sucked into the story and only with the greatest effort did I manage to let it go afterwards. Foyt describes a fascinating and at the same time frightening world after an apocalypse. A world were your skin color determines your caste, your chance of finding a mate and the jobs you’re allowed to do. It felt like we’re back to the times of slave traders and such. But with a twist. This time people with a darker skin are superior to the “pearls”. It was very intriguing to read about this kind of future. I was surprised with myself that I found this book this interesting, since I’m usually not so fond of everything dystopia. But not this one!


The Jaguar Man was also quite appealing. It was not a real shapeshifter or werewolf, but something in between. And with a scientific background! Not something I encounter often and very refreshing! It gave a whole new perspective on my favorite genre. I quite liked this vision of a beastly man with well proportioned… everything ^^ And of course beastly behavior. Jummy! I really liked the growling and sometimes cave men behavior


That said it’s quite obvious I like, even loved Ronson Bramford. He’s a beastly handsome, bad guy, hunk with a lot of emotional baggage, always there to rescue Eden from her next escapade gone wrong *rolls eyes at Eden*. Aka the dream of every woman, or at least mine And the commitment he has! For her and everyone else he considers part of his family. That made him rise to the top of my list with most dreamy men ^^


And then there was Eden. As you noticed with my eye roll I wasn’t that happy with her. For the first part of the story at least. During that time she was a naïve, egoistic, fickle, distrustful person, who refused to really “open” her eyes and see the world in a new light. The results are quite annoying and too predictable for words. I had to put the book away, repeatedly, cause I just couldn’t stand her behavior anymore. The compelling writing style and the HUNK, however, managed to bring me back every time. And I’m glad for it. Cause she had her HALLELUJAH moment. Thank god. And afterwards she became a more likable person. Someone who doesn’t only think of herself, is able to see what the consequences are and has opened her mind to new things. I finally grew to like her!



4 HEARTS. It’s very compelling book, with an engaging world and interesting story. It features one of the most dream worthy hunks I’ve ever come across in a book. Only drawback was Eden’s behavior. Fortunately she sees the light halfway and from then on I grew to love her and is this book a joy to read.