Slumber  - Samantha Young

Originally reviewed at Witchmag's Boekenplank


I really loved this book. But firs of all I want an applause for Wolfe. I have nothing but praise for him. It must have been so hard to persevere all these years. Especially after he’s finally made some progress, only to return to the starting point. But he still won’t give up! He’s just perfect, if only Rogan could see this…


At times I was less thrilled with Rogan. Although she’s got everything I love in a heroine (sarcasm / sense of humor / go-getter), there are still things where she can improve: stubbornness and the typical YA-heroine problem, not being able to oversee what the consequences of her actions could be. I repeatedly smacked my hand to my head from sheer disbelief. How can someone be this naïve? On the other hand, those two treats of her made the book way more interesting.


The world was well-developed. It reminded me off a Medieval society. Only difference was that there’s magic ^^ It almost felt like a utopia, where everyone lived in peace. This is only because the Kral has magic that calms everyone’s nerves. It suppresses aggressive tendencies. Besides the magic of the Kral, there’s a variety of magic one can have, from Seeker magic, such as Rogan has, to fire magic. However what intrigued me the most in this world were the different classes, like the Kral or Grof and the wide variety of places Rogan visits It felt like such a diverse world!


When I compare this book to Samantha Young’s other books (Lunarmorte and Fire Spirits) I’m a bit surprised to see there weren’t any important secondary characters. Not that I’m complaining about too much Wolfe and Rogan, they are pretty good main characters, I just noticed it and at times missed the comedic relieve these characters bring.


The thing I liked the most in this story were the romantic moments. The times that Wolfe and Rogan weren’t bickering ^^ It felt so raw every time, so great. I could actually feel the tension building till I had to look away. It felt that intense^^ And at the same time it was beautiful written, too. I even reread some parts, because they were just… I can’t describe what I really felt, but it was close to perfection…



4 HEARTS. A great book, that I kept reading till I finished near dawn. I just had to know the ending. Wolfe’s stubbornness determination surprised me every time. Rogan’s pigheadedness stubbornness and at times lack of thinking was a different story. The world was beautifully described, with lots of opportunities for new books ^^ The romantic scenes are one of the best I’ve seen and definitely reread worthy. In short: I highly recommend reading this book!