Being Jamie Baker - Kelly Oram

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I don’t know what it was, but it took me some time before I was able to relate with Jamie and bond with her. It might have something to do with the fact that I don’t need to keep myself away from people in order to protect them. I’m not lethal for everyone around me. I don’t have to control my feelings out of fear of electrocuting someone. That’s why Jamie chooses to live in “total” seclusion. Out of fear for what her powers can do. That’s a bit contradictory don’t you think? You’re terrified of hurting anyone and yet you still go to places where a lot of people are, without learning to control your powers or emotions? Ever heard of home schooling till you’ll have some control?


That’s where I felt Jamie’s parents were lacking. They act like they are really concerned for her well being, but in the end it’s Ryan who finds the very obvious solution, not her parents. Her parents just want her to be normal, to be like other teenagers. But let’s face it, she’s not your average person and without letting her learn more about her powers and training to control them she’ll never be the normal special person you want her to be and be able to live a somewhat normal live.


Ryan was a bit too perfect at the start. Perfect looks, personality, he’s not quick to take offence and is one of the most patient persons I’ve ever seen. He almost seemed too good to be true. This together with his insta love for Jamie after their kiss seemed a bit too far-fetched. Till we get to know him. Till I got the opportunity to look beyond his outer layer, his mask that he created. After that I was able to see the truth. He’s not some fairy tale figure, but a real character, a person like you and me, with a bit too much ego at times ^^ But that’s exactly what Jamie needs. And the conversations between them are just too hilarious for words ^^


And now the story. I’ve read countless of Science Fiction books, but those took place somewhere in the future and in space. When it comes to stories about the here and now, I prefer to read paranormal or contemporary. And after reading this book I know that electrocution and chemical stuff that lead to powers are not my thing. Strange enough it feels more far-fetched than paranormal beings. I’m just a person who doesn’t like to read about messing with people ala spiderman. So I had to take that part of the story with a grain of salt.


I liked the rest of the story though. It was a nice one about a girl trying to deal with all the chances she’s faced with when Ryan enters her life of solitude. He shows her a different way of life, how she’ll be able to live again. I was only a bit let down that there was more focus on psychological aspects than saving the world with Jamie’s powers



3 HEARTS. A good book about a girl who learns to deal with the effects of her accident and the trauma she has because of it. At first Ryan was a mythical creature that was too perfect for words, with a bit too much ego, but that only lasted till you get to know him. And he turns out to be a lot less perfect than I thought he was. I liked the story, it was well thought of, but not really my style. That doesn’t alter the fact that I enjoyed reading it. I only regret that there was more focus on the psychological instead of using powers to save the world.