Evergreen (Mer Tales, Book 2) - Brenda Pandos

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*May contain spoilers if you haven’t read the first book*


It took some time before this book fully set off. Although little things happen, the focus is on Ash’s and Fin’s phone calls. I wished things were a bit more spiced up, since the first book ended with a big bang. Oh well, it wasn’t exactly a bother to read about one of the cutest couples in bookland. It really felt nice to see how they took care of each other and tried to make the other one feel better about their separation ^^ I loved it! They are just too cute for words ^^


Once we reached the middle, the story jumped forward. I got caught in a rapid that took me along till it unfortunately ended in a big waterfall. There was suddenly so much “noise and water” that I had a hard time staying afloat. Everything happened in the blink of an eye, I just wasn’t able to follow through! And I was a bit disappointed. This great story ends with this? Despite the surprising revelations and unexpected developments, it wasn’t the superb ending I expected…


The singing ability of merman is used a lot in this book, sometimes too much. I know that this is a useful tool, but it takes the suspense away if you know that everything will be alright as soon as a merman starts to sing. It became too predictable…



3 HEARTS. It took a while before the real story started. Till then you’re entertained by the antics of the cutest couple ever ^^ But be aware, once it has set his teeth in you, it will not let you go till the end. The end, where things felt a bit too rushed too me. Therefore 3 instead of the 4 I initially planned to give. Even the interesting developments at the end couldn’t make me give this a higher rating. Though 3 hearts isn’t a bid thing, right?

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