A Chance for Charity (The Immortal Ones - A Paranormal Romance) - S.L. Baum

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It was a bit hard for me to sort out the feelings I experienced while reading this book. It’s easy to get in the story and turn page after page, without overly annoying things to take your attention away from the story. It was a nice book to read. Nothing breathtakingly good or I-want-to throw-it -away-as-far-as possible bad. Just an enjoyable story where nothing really stood out. These are the hardest books to write a review about, in my experience.


Well, what CAN I say about the story? It felt a bit like I was reading Twilight, but then from Edward’s perspective. Not that this is Twilight in a new coat or that it resembles even a bit. It’s a total different book. It’s just that this was how I imagined Edward would have felt, the emotions he would have experienced when he met Bella. Except the problems with the drinking blood and the shiny part. And the protagonist is a female. Although blood eventually plays an important role ^^


One thing I liked about the book is the connection between Charity’s past and Link (what an appropriate name ). It was so touching, cause this way she’ll never forget and he’ll be always with her. And it just means that some things are meant to be (hope this was cryptic enough and no it’s not Link I’m talking about ) It’s just a shame that nowadays most books I read rely on the instant chemical attraction or soul mate business. There’s no gradually falling in love anymore. Fortunately this book is different. Here the build up is slowly, gradually. And it’s not instant attraction, instead there’s the feeling of having met someone before ^^


A little thing that bothered me, though, was the way shifters are used. It wasn’t anything like the usual facts I’ve read about (for instance they can change in several different animals, which is cool ^^), but the way they were defined in this book wasn’t exactly to my liking. I’m just a very big Shifter Lover, so I prefer reading things a bit differently ^^



3 HEARTS. A nice story about a new kind of vampire, without all the blood and shiny and I’ll-burn-in-the-sun stuff. With a love transcended through time. It’s a nice turn of events to follow the story through the eyes of the paranormal being instead of the mortal. The romance is slowly being build, not like the instant attraction you read about so often lately. Although I’m not that fond of the way shifters are portrayed.

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