Undertow - Kiri Newton

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Wow! A vampire mermaid! Haven’t heard of that one. Although they technically don’t drink blood, but with their sharp pointy teeth and the bite that is needed to convert a human, I’m still convinced they are vampire mermaids (or man ) ^^ This is so not like the stereotype! And wait, there’s even more! There are even different tails! Like the different kinds of skin color we humans have, merpeople have different kinds of tails. For example merpeople from the north-pole have a seal-like tail and the people from the North sea have a more eel-like. There’s also a vast history, which at times crosses ours. I finally got to know the truth behind Poseidon’s and other mythological creatures story. I like it when an author uses the known and creates something entirely new ^^


The story was pretty good, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The beginning immediately captured my attention, but it wavered when Zoe meets Josiah. I couldn’t place that part of the story at first. I had a hard time understanding why and only saw the whole much, much later. Only then, could I fully comprehend what exactly happened and what the consequences would be. This lack of knowledge left me confused a great part of the story. Which in turn made me enjoy it less.


I had also some trouble with the romance in this book. Or lack there off. I just didn’t feel the attraction Josiah and Zoe had going on. It felt more like they were good friends or siblings than a couple. There was no fluttering or looks, just a warm loving feeling. So I was a bit disappointed, till I read the ending. With a major cliffhanger and where I could suddenly feel everything that was missing. But with no explanation to why I couldn’t seem to find this earlier…



3 HEARTS. I found myself in a story that was a bit confusing at times, but it still managed to capture me. There was a whole new kind of mermaid: the vampire mermaid and an intriguing history, which at times renewed my look on mythology. My favorite ^^ The romance was a bit dull until I got to the cliffhanger.Only then, it was finally turned on full force, but it left me hanging as to how the story could have ended that way (as usual with cliffhangers -.- ), so I’m looking forward to the next book!

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