Lab Rat One  - Andrea K. Höst

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Wow, WOW and again WOW! Usually I like a sequel about the same as the first book or a bit less, because the concept isn’t as new. But not with this one, this one rocked! Although there is less action it’s great to discover the planet Muina. This is the planet where Cass landed and managed to survive on her own for a month. I had so many questions while reading this book that I had no other choice than to read this book in one go. And was very sad when it ended, since a lot of them haven’t been answered yet. So I’m now waiting till the third book comes at the end of this month. Sigh, have to wait a bit more…


So many things happened in this book, so much I just couldn’t write a summary about the beginning as I usually do for you guys. So many important events happened that I would have had to copy the entire beginning to write a fitting summary ^^ So this time you’ll have to figure out if this book is something for you by reading just the review and blurb.


Despite that there was less “real action” in this book, so much happened that I was nearly overwhelmed occasionally. But that just added to the fun! I wasn’t bored for a minute while reading this story. Although because of all the events, I already forgot a lot. Not really a compliment, but if you consider the fact that I’m actually planning to read this book again soon it is. A bigger compliment a can’t give to Mrs. Höst. Even Twilight, a book I also loved, I read only once, but I think I’ll be rereading this book often! It’s just that good ^^


The focus in this book was the rediscovery of the world were Cass was found, Muina. And what an amazing world it is! Since it’s been completely abandoned by people for some time it returned to how our Earth once was: untouched. The world is described in such a way it’s like seeing a movie and what a beautiful world it is! It reminded me a bit of the nature in the movie Avatar. I especially liked that winter started and there was snow everywhere. That doesn’t happen often at my home, and since I love snow I really enjoyed reading that part ^^


Cass is again subject to the necessary tests and spends much of her time in the medical facility, especially after her powers start to grow. Definitely her ”favorite place to be." With every page I read, I love her more and more. Despite everything she experiences she stays with both her feet firmly planted on the ground. She has a very hard time when her powers develop, but she isn’t put down by it and trains very hard to keep them under control. Although staring at a certain handsome Setari might or might not help that process.


Overall rating 5 HEARTS. I loved this book from the beginning to the end. I enjoyed reading about Muina and the untouched nature. I’d love to visit a place like that once! I can recommend this book to everyone who loves a good science fiction, but I advice to read the first book first, otherwise you won’t understand a thing that’s going on. At the moment I’m impatiently waiting for the last book of this series. I so wanna now what happens next!