Destiny Binds  - Tammy Blackwell

*Originally reviewed at Witchmag's Boekenplank*


As you can see (5 hearts!) I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story took some time to build up, but the more I read, the better it became. Till a spectacular, unexpected, heartbreaking end. A real OMG NOOOOOO ending. This story ended in such a terrific, unbelieving and devastating climax. I really needed tissues at that moment, so I recommend keeping some nearby when you’re reading it!


Scout is the perfect heroin. She’s got the right amount of self-mockery and humor. It added even more to the pleasure I felt while reading the book. She made me laugh out lout often. Especially with her tendency to fall into numerous embarrassing situations. Which was quite familiar for me, since I too have little brothers who seem very innocent, till they open their mouth. Angel was so hilarious! I absolutely adored her ^^


I liked that the build up of this story is slow. The time that passes isn’t a couple of weeks, more like months. This makes the story more credible and gives you room to breath, or process the information you just received. And it gives you plenty of time to think of many things that could still happen, of what really is going on ^^ But this time, I couldn’t be more wrong and I loved it! This book doesn’t follow the usual YA path, instead it takes you somewhere else! However, I’m not going into the story further. I believe this book is something you have to read for yourself, it’s that good. I don’t want to spoil things for you by accidentally giving away spoilers


There’s only one little thing that bothered me, but only a bit and it’s because of my reading history. My “problem” was with the fact that Scout liked two boys at the same time. Normally I read a lot of books where there’s only one soul mate. And you’ll only fall in love with said soul mate. That aspect wasn’t used in this book, so it took me some time to return to the normal human world, where humans are not perfect and it’s possible to fall in love with two guys at the same time. Which means Scott has to make a tough decision. Who will it be? To be honest it was Scott’s best friend who reminded me of this. Something I’ve never really though about before, obviously, since my usual feelings for girls who manage to fall for two guys at the same times aren’t really that great. But from now on it will be different: as long as the girl in question makes that choice, which Scott fortunately does, I’ll be understanding. Otherwise it’s still two-timing in my book, which is a big no-no for me



5 HEARTS. As I said, this story is so awesome, I don’t want to spoil a lot, so it’s better for you to find out by yourselves . This book is definitely worth reading. It has a great heroine, a lot of humor. An adorable little sister, who manages to embarrass big sis every time she opens her mouth and so on, and so on. It gave me a whole new look on the “two-timing” problem. Next time I’ll try to be more understanding for girls who find themselves in love with two guys at the same time and have a hard time deciding who to give their heart to. But I still envy them a little…. Two guys… I have enough trouble already with finding just one!