Between the Lines  - Tammara Webber

Originally reviewed at Witchmag's Boekenplank


I really wanted to like this book. It started out so good, but it soon became a strenuous read. My main problems were with the story and the characters. First lets start with the story. Or lack there off. It didn’t feel like much happened. There’s drinking, filming, make out sessions, and afterwards it’s back to filming again. That’s it. Although there’s sometimes a change of scenery, most of this story takes place at the hotel were they are staying. So no real story or romance to enjoy for me.


Now on to the characters. They were hollow and I didn’t like some of them at all. Too much of a stereotype. Emma is the only one who at last gets a little character growth, but still she doesn’t feel like more than an empty shell. I’d preferred it if Emma acted a little more like someone who has her own will, instead of following Reid’s lead. And to open her eyes for her REAL feelings…. I’m not really fond of characters like hers.


Reid… don’t get me started about him. I was hoping that somewhere during the story he would see the light, become someone I could care about, instead of the shallow being he is. But to no avail. It only went from bad to worse.I also didn’t get why we had to read a part of the story from his point of view. If we only read through Emma, it could have been a little more interesting, cause you wouldn’t know what his real attentions are… but the backlash would have been far greater…


What saved this story for me was Graham. The wise, older guy who befriends Emma. He’s the only one who has at least a bit of sense and is so mysterious throughout the book. I’d really wish I could have read some scenes through his eyes, instead of Reid’s. It would have made me feel a lot better about boys and their hormones, sheesh!


Then there’s the underage drinking, sex, and what not. Some things really shocked the hell out of me! And there are no adults at all who intervene! Uhm, hello isn’t there usually a guardian near, or something like that? It just didn’t feel comfortable reading about those things, knowing the age they are (or must have been) when they did all that stuff. It just didn’t feel right to me, even if this makes me a little prudish



2 HEARTS, barely. It started good, but became strenuous. The characters don’t have real depth and I fail to see why I had to endure reading half the book through Reid’s eyes. I’ve never met a shallower person than him! There’s a bit too much focus on minors doing things not suitable for their ages. What made me continue was Graham and the mystery he presents for Emma and in the end I’m kinda glad I did. But I’m not up for another book full of Reid and his behavior, so I’ll call it quits with this one.