Mark of the Dragon Queen - Katie W. Stewart

*Originally reviewed at Witchmag's Boekenplank*


I wasn’t that enamored with this story and it took me several attempts to finish it. There were just too many things that annoyed me, mainly someone named Kira. Your typical YA heroine without brains, or at least the ability to use them. And this behavior started right at the start. Cause how is it otherwise possible to think that, when you overhear a person talking about busting someone out of prison, it must be your dad they are talking about? He isn’t the only one in jail, you know. She really talked through her hat most of the story. And don’t let me get started about her egoistic and oh-my-god-did-she-really-do-that-? behavior, cause that was even worse.


Her father has similar problems, so I guess it runs in the family? Although his problem is that he wants to save EVERYONE. Which usually ends with more victims than when they started. Oh and don’t forget Aurun, who also seems to have problems with grasping the consequences of his actions. His biggest mistake is not tying Kira to a tree and instead letting her tag along. So much could have been prevented!


Okay enough about them, let’s talk about something more fun: dragons! Dragons are apparently wise and very dangerous creatures that inhabit the world Kira lives in. Then why did I get the feeling they were no more than lap-dogs who arrive at even the slightest sign of danger to save the day? I hoped so much more! Something in line with Saphira from Eragon. That’s what I call a wise and dangerous creature. But instead I got large lap dogs. *Sigh*


There also seems to be a lack of feelings for friends and acquaintances who get injured or die. Okay, Kiri is sad for a couple of seconds, before she continues her merry way. Where is the commitment? Those people / dragons died for you! The least you could do is give a moments thought about what they did and meant for you! I got the feeling that the only individuals that mattered where Father, Auran, Jan and his wife. Cause the world seemed to end if they got but the littlest scratch. Talk about priority!


Despite all above I still managed to give this 2 hearts. Why? Because the world they live in is interesting. That’s what kept my attention while reading the book. I really liked the idea of the crystals and what Kira’s role will be. It’s a refreshing take on the whole wizard / mage / magic experience.



2 HEARTS. The main characters annoyed me, especially Kira, with their thoughtless behavior. I didn’t like how the dragons are portrayed like lap-dogs. There also was a significant lack of feelings when somebody died. So why did I give it 2 hearts? That’s because of the world building. I really liked the crystals and what they do. And because I managed to finish it, without throwing it through the room