Blood of Silver - B.V. Larson

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From stalker to two timer… How is this possible? Cause when you’re stalking someone, you’re usually completely infatuated by said person. How is it possible that not even a year later you have no trouble two-timing him? I’ve completely lost my understanding of Haley. In Blood of Gold she at least understood that what she was doing was wrong, but now? Besides who in their right mind thinks that when your boyfriend says, see you next time, THAT YOU’VE BROKEN UP??? Even after a fight this doesn’t mean anything like that at all. It means he’ll see you again. Which means he’ll come back for you, which means he still likes you! *Sigh* That was the end between Haley and me. In the first book she was sort or less okay, not perfect or totally annoying, but bearable. Now however she crossed the line. At the end of this book I couldn’t care less what happened to her, since most of it was her own fault. My sympathy however, went to the guys she’d been playing with….


Speaking about the ending, it was weak. Not one big climax. There were too much hints throughout the story, so half way into the book I already had a hunch of how everything would ended. That hunch turned out to be true, so no climax for me, I knew everything already. And I expected more, way more. Especially from André’s side, since he has very cave man like tendencies. Which I loved, till he became a cave man… Sorry, but were not living in those times anymore!


There’s only one thing that kept my attention throughout the book: Haley’s powers and their origins. I loved that it’s made very clear that power alone is neutral, it’s not good or evil. It’s entirely the choice of the person who wields it to do good or evil things. There was also some interesting and bloody family history that ‘d loved to find out more about.


I was also ably to generate some sympathy for Haley, when she has to deal with Ariene, her father’s old flame and her relative. Who apparently eyes the position of stepmom. I, myself, also wouldn’t be that welcoming to her, although I doubt I would’ve held a bitch and slap-fight in the front garden. Really??? Sometimes I wondered if Haley had brains at all…



2 HEARTS. There were some amusing parts in this book, mainly because of Seth and his understanding of the world. Haley’s ancestors and powers also kept me reading. It was definitely not because of André, who was transforming more and more in a real creepy cave man, that I managed to read till the end. Haley herself made reading this book almost impossible at times, especially since I was not able to give her a good shake and lecture on how to behave. Then ending was very week and almost made me regret reading the entire story…