Tributary (River of Time, #3.2) - Lisa Tawn Bergren

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And another heart less. I was so thrilled after reading the first book in this series, Waterfall. But as the series continues, the excitement becomes less and less. Every story has the same concept. It feels like a copy of the one before. At the beginning, you couldn’t really see this, but it becomes more clear as the series goes on. In short: something happens that needs the attention or help of the she-wolves ad there are some skirmishes. Most of the time only the enemy is injured or dies during those clashes. The good guys don’t even get a scratch, miraculously! And even in the direst situation, it’s still a given that everyone gets saved, at the last moment. This is toooo predictable for me. I know that what I just wrote happens is standard material in most books nowadays, but it doesn’t bother me when it’s written in such a way that I won’t notice it. And as the River of Time series continues, I can’t help but notice it. It makes the story less thrilling and undoes the magical tale that was spun in Waterfall.


I was also not a fan of Ali and how she behaved. Okay, she’s a typical Medieval gal, but to treat people who have been nothing but nice for you in such a way? I know it’s not something I’m capable off. Therefore she had only herself to blame for the consequences. But only a bit, since they were way worse than the crime she committed. And the way her feelings changed were a bit too sudden. Okay, you could see it coming, but still, it was tooo sudden. Same goes for lord Greco…..


The only thing that was a bit interesting was Lia, and only at the beginning. She’s gotten a trauma because of all the people she had to kill during the war and now she find it hard to touch a bow. She also has homesickness, which I can quite understand, given everything that happened. How Lia digests all of it, was written well. Although the ending of this process was, once again, quite sudden. It seemed like she went from processing to “cured” in a matter of minutes. I’d preferred if it was a bit more slowly,with more processing of how she felt and at least her telling somebody else about her feelings. Sometimes you’re just not able to cope alone. And this is one of those times. Otherwise, what are shrinks for?



2 HEARTS. Despite the predictability, it was still a nice read. I’ll just think of this book as a very long epilogue, after Torrent. It gives you more insight of how everyone is faring and if they did get a happy ending. Although some parts were a little too sweet for my taste and I had a hard time connecting and liking Ali, one of the main characters in this story.