Stirring Up Trouble (Stirring Up Trouble, #1) - Juli Alexander

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This is a very “fluffy” book. Although it’s entertaining, it has no real depth. It also felt more like a preview of the real story, where you get to know the characters and what’s happening, than the real thing. Even with the big, important scene at the end (that was a bit different from what I expected) it didn’t feel like the ending, more like the prologue was over and the real would start. And it couldn’t really grab my attention, therefore I’ll call this a “fluffy” book, since I still liked reading it.


I really liked the no-self serving part. I’ve often read stories where you can use magic as you like, so it was refreshing to read a story where it has dire consequences. You’ll think twice before using it for your own good, otherwise you’ll be a “real” witch. I loved that part ^^ And loved even more that you have to do good deeds to remove all the effects. It’s such a good way to redeem yourself ^^


I loved reading about Zoe, although she did feel a bit older than her fifteen year. Especially when it came to love. I wasn’t like that at all when I was that age. Okay I had some crushes, but kisses like that….. I might be a bit too innocent Aside from that aspect, she is a great gall and not prone to do the most stupid things when under stress. Although she did manage to screw up in a big time, it was not really her fault and very funny, so I’ll forgive her ^^



3 HEARTS. It’s a fluffy book to read. A compelling read, without much depth. I like the main characters although they didn’t feel like they were 15 year olds. This book felt more like a prologue than the real thing, so I’m very curious were the next book will bring me ^^