Love Sucks - Sage Collins

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*I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review*


Well... It's hard for me to describe the feelings I experienced while reading this book. At the moment it's one big heap and I can't separate them, which makes giving my opinion a bit difficult, although I'll try.


I liked reading this book, it has a nice concept and characters, but Mailee annoyed me at times. Especially when she was "drunk" on a Sin, or a couple of them. I know a person can't be in her right mind when she's got rage raging through her veins. But her actions still annoyed me. And me feeling annoyed because of how she acted when she was under influence didn't sit well with me either, cause there is a perfect explanation for her actions. And then I started feeling annoyed again with the next Sin. Aka I went in circles between feeling annoyed and feeling annoyed because I'm annoyed while there's a perfect explanation for Mailee's behavior. I know this is a bit cryptic, but I hope you guys understood what I felt. And why I can't sort my feelings out, they are still in that loop....


Maybe the reason I felt so annoyed was because I didn't get to know the REAL her. We meet the real Mailee briefly in the beginning, but before there was a connection between me and her, she receives the first Sin. And she continues acting on what the Sin wants, so it was hard for me to filter between what was the real Mailee and what the Sins actions were. This made it difficult for me to like and bond with her and it made the story less captivating.


Speaking of the story, it wasn't what I expected. Okay I did know the Seven Deadly Sins were involved and she has to go through each of them, but in a week? I preferred it if there was more time. More time so I could find out what the influence of each Sin on Mailee and her surroundings are. More time to find out if it's really the Sin and not Mailee who's behind the action. A clearer struggle between Mailee and the Sins ministrations. Cause at the moment it felt like there's a sudden burst of sinfulness and then we don't ever see or hear something from said Sin again. Weren't they imprisoned? Don't they want to escape after all those years? If there was a bit more attention given to this, the story could have been so much more interesting that way.


There's just one thing though that I have to share: the very first sentence of the book. It pulled me into the story, raised my expectations, although those sadly didn't come true. But this sentence is still worth sharing, it's that good:

Eric was the biggest playboy trapped in a virgin’s body I would ever know.



2 HEARTS. Writing this down did help with sorting out my feelings ^^ I even managed to come to a conclusion: it was OK to read this book. It has a nice story and characters, but I expected a bit more. However, the time each Sin was given, was too short. Which made it difficult for me to get to know the real Mailee. Therefore I didn't get to bond with her. That's a bit of a shame, since it made the book less captivating for me.