Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout

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This book started really good. Katy moves with her mom, after her father’s death, to a quiet village somewhere in West Virginia. She meets her new neighbors, who act a little strange sometimes. A fun fact was that Katy is a passionate YA blogger. It’s not something that you read about often, while there’s lot’s of people blogging out there ^^


At this point I’m quite bored to always read about someone who moves or a new kid who arrives at school to get the story started. Why can´t things change, without a new kid or new place? Although, sometimes, there’s just no other way around it. And it’s not a bore if it’s done right, if it enhances the story. As is the case with Obsidian,there’s a plausible motive (death of Kathy’s father) and it doesn’t feel like a cliché.


I liked how throughout the story little hints are dropped till the real identity of Daemon and Dee were revealed. And it was even better than I expected! Although I was surprised with the way Daemon handled it, I loved the whole revelation and what Daemon and his sister are and can do. And it’s so refreshing, so not the usual I’m-a-werewolf/witch/vampire stuff! Nope he’s an alien! Although the big revelation didn’t sit quite well with me when thinking about his character. He’s trying to protect his little sister at all costs. So you wouldn’t think that once he’s seen, he automatically tells EVERYTHING? He might have been able to cover it up (although that would have been some explaining!).


Usually I like it when we have our romantic couple bickering about almost every little thing, while making very funny remarks about one another. Here, however, the bickering was a bit too much. From the very firs page Daemon and Katy have been at each others throats. Although short truces have been made, they didn’t last long and the fights started to get predictable and a bit annoying. That also had an impact on how enjoyed the romance time. Or the lack thereof.


The ending seemed a bit too fast, it felt like I’d pushed on the fast forward button instead of the play button. Therefore there was some difficulty with keeping track of the story. But the ending did make me curious to the next book. I hope there’s some explaining about what exactly happened during the last couple of pages. And I got the feeling that a certain someone will make his appearance so that made me even more curious to continue this story ^^



3 HEARTS. A solid start, with lots of hints and pieces of the puzzle to keep you interested. After the big revelation my concentration dropped and it became a bit confusing. Daemon and Katy argued a bit too much during the story, which was annoying after some time. The ending was a couple of gears too fast, but it did manage to spark my interest for the next book.

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