And All the Stars - Andrea K. Höst

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Wow…. *deep sigh* This still this doesn’t describe what I experienced while reading this phenomenal book. Although the start was a bit rocky, cause, just as Madeleine, I had a bit of trouble with getting my bearings. What just happened and where is she? However, the moment everything started to make sense the story took me by the hand and I was dragged along. And it wouldn’t let me go. There was no moment to breathe, no time to rest, to process everything that happened. This continued till near the end. Then I had to stop with a gasp and tears in my eyes. Wow what a twist! It changed the whole story! It was a huge shock! And I just couldn’t continue until I processed all the consequences, rewritten all the scenes in my head. This book is definitely one of the best I’ve read!


It was great to experience how Andrea K. Höst managed to create a feeling of safety for Madeleine and her friends. And disrupt that safety the next moment. It was just an illusion. This cycle repeated itself time after time. And every time I fell for it. Every time I thought, now they would be safe, hidden from the Moths. And every time I was brought back to the edge of my seat. You just didn’t know when you could expect the next attack, the next discovery, the next adversity. Which made it almost impossible to put the book down till you read the last letter and. You just had to know if everyone made it.


The Moths, who they are, how they look like, what their reasons are. Everything is told in such a detailed way. Nothing is overlooked or forgotten. It’s a solid story. A story that makes you marvel and feels very believable, like it could really happen. A story that makes you think what the consequences for you and your family would be, if it happened. It stays with you, even after you finished reading.


And then there’s Madeleine. She feels so real, like she’s an existing person, not a fictional character in a book. Madeleine is also very normal, at least before she turned blue . This made the story much more intriguing. Especially since you can see her grow. From a timid wallflower to someone who’s not afraid to make choices, who’ll be there when her friends need her. It’s easy to care about her, to encourage her, hug her when she’s down. She’s a character you can only love.



5 HEARTS. The story fits together. It doesn’t let you go, once you’ve started. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s full of surprises, has a lovable main character. In other words: an excellent book. There are so many things that I loved about it, but I won’t tell them. You’ll just have to experience it yourself by reading it!