Bitter Frost  - Kailin Gow

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The beginning of the book reminded my of another book I’ve read: The Iron King. It started about the same way as Bitter Frost: a girl gets attacked and is suck into the world of the elves/fairies. It looked so much alike that I actually started doubting if I didn’t already read this one!


I found the characters not very developed and Breena had some troubles with mood swings. An example: when Logan died she was soo sad, but when Kian kissed her shortly after, she suddenly “forgot” she was sad and instead acted overjoyed. Fortunately she remembered a little later she had just lost her best friend since forever. If she hadn’t I doubt I would have continued reading. Some things I just find too unbelievable and not being sad when someone you love dies is one of them (spells and potions used to forget someone excluded )


Kian also didn’t seem credible to me. In the beginning he keeps a great distance from her, but he changes 180 degrees after having kissed her. He suddenly is willing to do everything for her. Okay, a kiss can be great, but to change that much because of it? That’s a little over the top to me. Especially when the way he spoke went back a couple of centuries…


The overall rating for this book is 2.5 HEARTS. I rounded it up to 3 HEARTS since the book has an interesting open ending and prologue. I also like to know what will happen with Logan (kinda like him ^^)