Storm  - Brigid Kemmerer

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After reading Elemental (won’t write a review about it, it’s only 50 pages long), which ended in a huge cliffhanger, I immediately wanted to read the next book: Storm. Fortunately for me it just came out ^^ And I loved this book even more than Elemental! It’s kinda obviously I read this book in one go, isn’t it? With the 5 hearts I gave it Although it did cost me some of my sleep time (but that’s okay if you’re reading an amazing book, isn’t it)


I’ve always been fascinated by stories about the 4 elements. It just seemed so cool to be able to control the wind, or summon fire. And from now on this will be one of my favorite stories about them. The how and the who and the what is explained in a credible story: it’s all about where you’re born, astrologically speaking. If you’re closer to one of the elements you get to receive its power. The closer you’re born to an element, the more power you receive ^^ I really want to find out what my spot is, although I’m not hoping much…


Brenda is a kick-ass heroine. Even though she ends up in life threatening situations, she still keeps her head cool. Or at least is able to remember her self-defense lessons and save the day. It was really nice to read a book where the man is the damsel in distress and needs to be rescued time and time again. I’d actually prefer to read this kind of story once in a while ^^ It’s much more fun ^^


There’s only one thing that disappointed me a little bit. Although Storm is a sequel, it starts a couple of years after the cliffhanger in Elemental. So much happened in the meantime, I’d much preferred to have finished Michael’s story first, although I was a little shocked after I found out what exactly happened in the years between. It helps explain how Michael made such a huge change for the worse, but at the same time I wasn’t that happy with it. I hope he gets another chance in his own (full, Elemental is an extra) book. I do recommend everyone to read Elemental first, it explains the entire situation a bit more and gives a glimpse on what happened in the past.



5 HEARTS. t’s just not possible to give this book any less. It has lots of my favorite things: Elements, Romance, Goods Story and Delicious Hunks ^^ Besides reading this story make you want to read more, find out more about the brothers and their magical world. I can’t wait to get my hands on Gabriel’s story!