Cascade - Lisa Tawn Bergren

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This book didn’t grab me as much as the previous one. I still enjoyed reading it, but this time there were some things that bothered me tremendously. Like when they discover someone who has the plague. Gabi immediately orders anyone who has been in contact with the person (she, Marcello, Lia , Luca and some of the knights) to go in quarantine and don’t be in the vicinity of other people for a duration of 10 days. When they have to flee before the ten days are over, she turns a deaf ear to her sound advice and doesn’t even think about the people she meets and who help her ( no problem if the enemy catches it )! She doesn’t even warn them! And the people who do have the plague are better way too soon. If someone is suffering from the plague, which is most certain deadly, it’s not possible to be up and running within days… at least I haven’t heard or read of something like that happening.


Gabi started to annoy me a little. She sometimes acted without ever thinking about what consequences her actions would have. In the first book I kinda overlooked this because she just arrived there, but now? After some time, you would get used to think before you act, wouldn’t you? Since some of her actions already had consequences in the first book, I thought she must have learned something from that, but apparently not.


Another fact that bothered me was that, after spending more than two days in the burning sun with no water (which makes you very weak and can kill you) she was all better a couple of hours after she drank some water…. That’s just not possible, your body needs more time to recover from it.


Little side note: Noticed Luca somewhere saying: I could sail the seven seas… Seven seas? I doubt they knew there were seven at that time ^^


My overall rating of this book is still, despite my remarks (okay I can be a nit-picker ) is 4 HEARTS. Quite enjoyed reading it and I’m patiently (so not ) waiting till the next and last book comes out in September. And for those of you who are wondering: Marcello is continues to be a true knight in shining armor. Even in this book I wasn’t able to find a single flaw in him