River Cast  - Samantha Young

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Okay, right now, I seriously have no idea what I should write about this book. It was a nice sequel, but that is the only thing I seem to have remembered, except for the outlines of the story (might have something to do with my head cold and major headache ). I didn’t like the book enough to read it again to sort my feelings out, so this time everyone has to settle with what little I managed to remember . I’ll promise to do better with the next book ^^


First lets start with the fact that Caia seemed to remember the importance of a condom and what could have happened to her. Although she doesn’t take her own advice the next time, sigh. Before those two were back together a lot had to be done, every time they grew closer to each other something or someone else came up and they were back to fighting again. This grew very old after a while. Seriously, enough is enough. How dumb can someone be?


It was very refreshing to read the story from Ryder and Jaeden’s point of view. Normally, I prefer reading the story through the eyes of one, maybe two characters and I find it irritating when the story is told through multiple characters, especially if they are the enemy. But it didn’t bother me at all while reading this book, I actually liked it!


I found it very strange that Ryder, a confirmed bachelor and ladies men, from one moment to the other wants to be mates with Jaeden. Although I saw this coming after reading the first book (was actually surprised it didn’t happen sooner ) and I’m very glad, Jaeden really deserves something like this, it happened too soon for my taste. I know there’s an attraction between mates, but for me there could have been a bit more courting and coming to terms with how he feels about her.


Overall rating 3 HEARTS. The story was good, but I didn’t feel connected enough to the story to really like it (again, probably because of my major head cold). I did like the part where Ryder had to ask Jaeden’s dad for her hand in “marriage” and to find out which things you obviously can’t say about a daughter when her dad’s in the area. That was so great ^^ I also like the ending, with the major cliffhanger that makes me want to read the next book ASAP!

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