Blood of Gold - B.V. Larson

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In the beginning Haley behaved like a stalker and it creeped me out. I was actually thinking of dropping this book. I’m a bit happy that I continued reading, after a break of course, because after she followed him like a stalker to the mountain, I had enough for a while.


After I continued reading the book, Haley actually grew on me. Especially when she realized she WAS behaving like a stalker and when Seth was also interested in her. Although her behavior at some times didn’t improve beyond the BLOND level at some times. Like when she had a talk with councilor Berlow for the first time and he started asking her questions about the signs… She wouldn’t think to tell Seth about the fact that Berlow questioned her about the signs and that he kinda creeped her out? Nooooo, her feelings for Seth and what he actually was were far more important… And the moment I finally knew what Seth actually was, came as a sort of anticlimax. A fallen angel? That’s so standard material these days… Couldn’t the author be a bit more creative!!?? But then again, some of the things that Seth could do were quite interesting.


My conclusion about the book is that it’s an amusing story, but you shouldn’t start thinking cause it makes you want to slap someone and you shouldn’t fret too much about the stalking behavior in the first couple of chapters since it will only make you stop reading the book.I’m planning to read the next book in the series since I’m really curious about what’s going to happen to them.