Everblue - Brenda Pandos

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Mermaids? Lately I’ve come across a couple of books with mermaids in it, but never bothered reading them. I like land animals much and much more, especially werewolves . Who wants to read about a fish? Although I have no problem watching The Little Mermaid . But when I read this blurb I decided to take a leap of faith and I’m so glad I did!


It was amazing to read about the mermaids en merman! I’d never thought it could be as interesting to read about a bunch of fish The world is full of details and the customs are extensively documented. They even thought of waterproof bags, so they won’t have to walk around naked or with wet clothes all the time (although I don’t think I would’ve mind that ). The kiss, however, wasn’t my cup of tea, since I like the idea of soul mates a lot more than one coincidental touching of the lips and you’re stuck with the other person till the end of days, even when you hate the other person. Not a real romantic setting


One of the surprising events in this book is that, even when Fin and Ash like each other from the beginning, they don’t react on it and even find other people. When I read that, I even thought for a while that they both would go their own way, with their new loves. Very confusing since you read the story through Fin’s and Ash’s eyes. You can at least expect them to end up together, right? That’s why I hated their new flames from the beginning, although Fin and Ashley both don’t treat them as they should be treated at the end.


Overall rating 4 HEARTS. What a great story! I loved the world where the merpeople where living, with al their customs and traditions. Although I didn’t like all the traditions they had I loved reading this story and look forward to how it continues. Sadly I’ll have to wait for a while since the sequel hasn’t been published yet ;(

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