Denial  - Lauren Barnholdt, Aaron Gorvine

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This book is short. Very Short. It made me feel like nothing is happening, until the last couple of pages. With again a great open ending! Lauren Barnholdt and Aaron Gorvine know where to end a story! It really makes you look forward to the next book.


Cam continues to be very annoying and BLOND. He reacts like he doesn’t understand anything about women and hurts Natalia by doing so. He also thinks that he’ll be able to save them all, by himself. Yeah, we could see how that went… What is it about men and having to be a hero? How about stepping back and let Natalia fix it, because she CAN?


Overall rating: 2 HEARTS. I read the other books in an omnibus. It improved the flow of the story and it felt more natural. If I read the other books one by one, I don’t think I would have been that enthusiastic about the story. Still, there’s a great ending and the authors dropped some sentences in the book that made me think about which interesting things could happen in the future! However the story is TOO short. The story started slowly and then you’re already at the end. I hope they also make an omnibus of the second season, which reads much finer!