Bourne - Lisa Tawn Bergren

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While reading my twitter I came across a review about this book. My first reactions was: huh? The next book would be Tributary? And wouldn’t that take a while? It turns out there’s another story about Gabi, Lia, Marcello, Luca and lord Greco. It takes places after the end of book 3, Torrent. Of course I bought it asap!


The beginning of the story is very powerful, with a severely wounded Marcello. Regrettably, the power of he story declines afterwards. Although I read the story in one sitting, it became predictable after a while, as I already mentioned in my review about Torrent. This was a bit of a disappointment, since I started it with a lot of enthusiasm. It just didn’t meet my expectations…


In spite of the predictability, Lisa T. Bergren managed to show the brutality of a medieval war. No modern medicine, no hygiene. Retribution that won’t even spare children. And of course the medieval men and their view about woman. That’s something that I find very annoying every time I read a historical roman. But o well, what can we do about it? It’s something that’s normal in that time. You can’t cross time and space to make them see their wrongdoings


Furthermore I liked reading through the eyes of Lia. In the other books, where Gabi is the main character, I got to know her as a very agreeable girl. The real deal is something else! When the need arises she knows what to do and how to handle those chauvinistic medieval man. Loved it! ^^


I also loved reading about the blooming romance between Luca and Lia. You could see the hints between them in the first three books, but now it’s their time to shine! And they are such an adorable couple! They behave much more like two teenagers in love than Marcello and Gabi



3 HEARTS. Although it was an enjoyable book that gives a clear understanding about that age, it was a bit too much the same concept as the previous three books. Not that I didn’t like reading it, but it’s not enough to give this book a higher score. But it did made me more curious about Lord Greco’s story….