Dragon's Milk - 'Susan Fletcher'

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What drew me to this book was the fantastic cover with the dragons. Normally speaking a great cover = a great book. At least that was the case with all the great covers I came across. Till I started reading this one. The story isn’t even half as good as the cover is.


The first few pages weren’t that bad. The writer used short sentences and simple words. So, it should be no problem for me. Wrong! I’ve read English books for a couple of years now, so you would expect that a book like this would be no problem for me. Especially since it’s written for young adults. But I don’t what was wrong, but I had to reread sentences a couple of times before finally grasping the meaning. It also looked like some parts of the story were missing. The one moment she was doing this and the next something else was happening. Not logical at all.


Kaeldra’s personality was also not something that I liked. She didn’t really think before acting. Like when you come across the cave of a dangerous, man-eating dragon. You don’t just walk in. Especially when you now said dragon has young to protect. That’s only asking for being eaten! She also expects that the young baby dragons will immediately listen to her. Hello, the words already say it: they are young baby dragons. If human baby’s don’t really listen how will you expect that dragon baby’s do?


The adventures that happened in this book were over in a flash. Were the baby dragons discovered? No problem, a couple of sentences later they were already safe again and learned yet another lesson. I think the only thing that kept me reading was that I wanted to know how it would end with the baby dragons. Even if their personalities didn’t have much dept and the role they had in this story was kind of underdeveloped.


Likewise the ending wasn’t that great. Okay some things happened, but it was written in such a way that it didn’t make me feel a thing (sorry can’t describe this better). Even though some shocking things happened, I still didn’t feel a thing… And then the epilogue. So not believable. Not a way to finish the story.



2 HEARTS, barely. I first planned on giving this only one heart, but the little dragons saves the story. Just because they were adorable little dragons. Oh and don’t forget the amazing cover! The story itself, in my eyes, just isn’t really worth giving it those two hearts…

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