Sophie & Carter - Chelsea Fine

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First of all I won this book on Goodreads (my first,yay ^^) and was very surprised to open my mail and look at a real small and thin book. My first reaction was: Is this all? The blurb sounded very interesting when I applied for the giveaway, but can everything be told in so few pages? Not that I'm unhappy to win something, but I just expected more. And I don't have something against short stories, some of my favorite stories are even shorter, but after reading it, I think it could use some more content. I got the feeling the story already ended in the beginning, way too soon.


Because it was so short I got the feeling that I only saw two days in the daily life of Sophie and Carter. First the situation is explained and then the past is brought up to explain everything. Oh and they confess their love. That's it. That's what happens in a nutshell. So basically nothing interesting happens. And although some of the things are terrible it doesn't move me at all. Me, the one who usually is the first one to grab a tissue or thinks something is cute...


There are two different kinds of fonts used in this book to make it easier to know who's speaking. That's quite handy, some books I've read could have definitely used something like that! But the problem was with Sophie's font. I didn't like it. I hated to read it. That's what also made me like the story less. Oh and the way they speak about love *rolls eyes*. No problem if they like each other, but to proclaim every page how good and great the other is, was a little too much.


Overall rating 2 HEARTS. The story didn't captivate or move me at all. The characters stayed shallow to me, with no dept in them. They didn't grow, they just "were".The only reason I finished this one was because I wanted to know how it ended, and even that didn't satisfied me or made my time worthwhile.