The Crescent - Jordan Deen

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First of all, I really loved the cover! It gives off such a mysterious feeling, you just don’t know what kind of story you’ll get ^^ The blurb on the other hand doesn’t work in favor of the book. When I read it, it didn’t attract me to start reading. It seems like it would be yet another story about a new boy arrives and it all starts. But this book definitely differs from the all the others!


The book went off with a powerful start with the appearance of a very big dog. Since this book is about werewolves, my mind was already working overtime and was connecting all the possible dots. In reality it went a little bit different than I expected ^^ I was also intrigued by the fact that Lacey appeared to have not one but two possible soul-mates and all the visions she has about what their live will be like ^^


I just thought that Lacey would be better off if she starts listening to what her body tells her. If your body tells you that something is not right, that your sick, you’d usually stay home, right? You wouldn’t think it’s a hallucination, right? Every time it happens? Wouldn’t you start thinking that maybe they’re not hallucinations?


This book has opened my eyes about soul-mates. Before reading this book I always thought how great it would be to have one. But it actually means you’re obligated to love someone, because he’s your soul-mate. Even when you just fell in love with someone else. You’ll know you’ll break that someone heart and you still love him. You just love someone else more, someone you just met a couple of seconds ago. Isn’t that a bit cruel for the one that’s left behind? This problem is described in detail and gave me a whole new look on soul-mates…


Although I liked the fresh look on soul-mates, I didn’t like the soul-mates in question. Both Alex and Brandon didn’t seem to have a lot of “depth.” Not for the role they have in this book. Occasionally they were even annoying and boyfriend material. But alas, I had to cope with them, since there weren’t any other options available…



3 HEARTS. Although the start was strong, it became more fuzzy to the end and my attention wavered. After you read this book you’ll get a whole new look on the soul-mates problem and I really liked that, even when it became very hard for Lacey. She has my full support, even though I would like for her to listen to her body more. If you’re sick, you’re sick -.-