Ward Against Death - Melanie Card

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It took me a while to get into this story. Normally, I’m not really fond on undead people and I prefer warm werewolves over cold vampires (even when they sparkle ). I’m glad I decided to read this book anyway, thoroughly enjoyed reading it!


The whole story revolves around who killed Celia. This is the first time I’ve read about someone who tries to find her own murderer, which leads to very funny situations in the book The world where the story takes places has also been built very nicely, with interesting aspects, like the Seers and the Quayestri. They give more dept to the story and it was very interesting to read about them.


Normally I can’t resist the temptation in a whodunit to skip to the end to find out who killed the person. Not with this book. I enjoyed the story too much to “bother” skipping to the end. Although I had the feeling that finding out who murdered Celia wasn’t that significant, the why she was killed was three times more important. And it didn’t really help that the entire city was Celia’s enemy.


Ward *deep sigh* is adorable. He’s so sweet, nice, very distracted and often nearly in tears, this all makes you want to cuddle him even closer ^^. You can’t do anything else but love him. He grows tremendously in the story. At the beginning he is very unsure, easily near tears and very shy, but as the story continuous, he comes slowly but surely out of his shell and stands a lot more firmly in life.


Celia is something else. I can’t remember reading about such a strong, distrusting heroin. The distrust got a little boring after a while, especially when she uses it on Ward. You also read the story through his eyes, so you know he would never do the things she’s accusing him of.


Overall rating? 4 HEARTS. I loved reading it and can’t wait to read the next book, in which hopefully Ward keeps his lovableness and we’ll finally know what kind of spell Ward DID cast on Celia

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