Oh. My. Gods. - Tera Lynn Childs

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From when I was a small child I loved to read all the myths I could find about gods. They had all these amazing powers and it was interesting to see how people used to think about our earth. That’s why I was immediately attracted to this book. You’ve got gods everywhere! What a great idea to write a book about the gods and their human descendants in this day and age!


Phoebola aka Phoebe is a great gal. She’s not easily daunted, even when her mother comes back after a vacation of six days with a fiancé and the statement that they’ll move to Greece within a month. I doubt I would have taken it as calmly as she did . Although that isn’t the biggest shock she’s gonna get. When she finds out about the gods she takes it very calmly, after she fainted.


It was very nice to see all kinds of descendant and which characteristics they got from their ancestors, like descendants from Hades look exactly like Goths, although a little deadlier . I regretted that there weren’t any “real” gods though. Oh well, there’s a sequel, so who knows ^^


Overall rating 4 HEARTS. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, what Phoebe thinks can be so funny and how she retaliates on her enemies made me laugh a lot. Although she was a bit too early with her forgiveness. Sometimes it’s OK to let people stew in their own juices for a bit longer Look forward to reading the next book ^^

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