Almost to Die for: A Vampire Princess Novel - Tate Hallaway

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From the start I had a problem with Ana’s mother. Protecting your child from monsters? No problem. But the monsters didn’t feel like monsters at all. And the reaction Ana’s mother had, was way overboard. This could be because I’ve read too much Twilight books were vampires aren’t monsters anymore, at least not all of them But putting a spell on your daughter is way over the line…


I also didn’t like Nikolai very much. He acted much too soon with some certain things and he doesn’t een try to see Ana’s side of the story when he, as a vampire killer, is confronted with her family. I seriously hope she dumps him for Elias who had always wanted the best for her and he’s just so cute ^^


I like the idea behind this story. Especially the fresh, intriguing and unusual way vampires are described in this book. Although sadly enough they still can’t stand the sun . I look forward to find out more about them and what kind of surprises the vampire culture will bring.


The ending was a little too soon. I liked the fight between mom and dad, but everything fizzled out. I’d loved to see a bit more action. Not that I like to see dead or hurt witches and vampires, but there was so much tension at the end of the book that I was a bit disappointed that it ended like that, I expected a bit more.


Overall rating 3 HEARTS. It was a nice story to read, but the ending was weak. The idea on the other hand was very refreshing and well done, although the love triangle is a bit cliché ;). Oh well, when it’s written well, it’s worth reading