Healed by Fire - Catherine Banks

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I was so happy when this book came out (you might remember the über happy post I posted). It cooled down pretty fast. Maybe it came because of the high expectations I had, since the other two book were so great. But I didn’t like this one as much as I thought I would. I didn’t get swept from my feet while reading the story…


It’s still a nice story to read, but as you can understand I expected more, much more. I’m not exactly fond of first-person view and reading the book through the eyes of different characters, let alone a combination of it. I could live with it if it was the only thing that bothered me reading the book. This way of writing also made the book confusing at times and I developed a weaker bond with the characters.


However, the beginning rocked! At first I didn’t even notice that the person who was telling the story was Chandra! I thought I was reading it from someone elses point of view and I was slightly disappointed about it. You can imagine how big my surprise was when I found out ^^. I didn’t recognize her because decades have passed since the last book. Wow! Never saw that one coming and I like surprises like this one ^^ Although can you still consider this book YA if the person herself is over a hundred years old or is this a PNR book?


The disadvantage of the leap in time was that Artemis had changed, a lot. I didn’t recognize the naïve and fierce young woman who I met and grew to love. She almost seemed like a different person, even growing soft! The only thing that didn’t change was how naïve she is regarding men. *Sigh* Is she really a woman??


Speaking of men, the amount of men that fall in love with her increase with the minute. I know she’s a great gal, but there has to be a limit somewhere. In the first book we had one, in the second two and now we have three! Is this a trend? She doesn’t need that many falling for her, just one is enough and the limit to what she can handle.


I liked the world a lot more than the first book, when the paranormal beings invaded the human world. This time I couldn’t find something that bothered me and it became much more interesting. The King of the Vampires became sole dictator on earth and it became a medieval utopia, where humans are used as slaves. Apart from the human slaves, I found what we got to see very comprehensive and it had a mix of all kinds of customs, even some from the ancient Romans!


The end was a bit too abrupt for my taste. I was still in the middle of the story and trying to understand what was happening, and then, no more pages! Of course it’s an open ending, just like the other two books, but this time it didn’t make me want to read to next book asap. It was a bit too predictable to end the story at this moment, so I knew what was coming ;). It also made me feel that everything’s gonna be alright in the book. Although I might come back on this statement after reading the last book in the series, knowing Catherine Banks, and I might find the ending a bit more impressive by then ^^


Overall Rating 3 HEARTS. I really wish I could give it more, but it’s just not worth it in my eyes. It’s a nice and amusing sequel, but it missed the earth shattering feeling the other books gave me after reading them. I didn’t get the feeling that much happened, even at the end. I’m still curious to how everything will end, so I’ll look forward to the next book, which hopefully has an even greater beginning. I never had such a huge HUH??! reaction after reading this one ^^

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