Waterfall - Lisa T. Bergren

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WOW! What a story! Right from the first page it swept me up and wouldn’t let go of me until I finished it ( definitely at the cost of my sleep ) Gabi feels like she may actually exist somewhere on this plane, so believable where her reactions and what she did (although she can go over the top ). The author also paid attention to how it is possible Gabi knows so much about the era and how she’s able to speak with everyone. In the time travel books I’ve read so far, not all authors made that part very plausible (which annoys me very much, since I hate it when it’s not logical). Lisa T. Bergren gave me the feeling that she actually put herself in the shoes of a 21 century girl who suddenly finds herself in the Middle Ages and the result is wonderful! Marcello is a real knight in shining armor, just as they used to come by in the middle ages Loved reading about him and how he coped with Gabi’s 21st century reactions about certain things ^^


I’m also glad to finally read a book where the “lady” doesn’t wait for her prince to come to the rescue (although she appreciates it when he does come ) and it was funny to read how Marcello and the man at the castle reacted when they found out about her latest antic. The secondary characters are also very entertaining, like Luca, Marcello’s cousin. He’s always got a couple of nice remarks ready when Gabi does something strange again.


My overall rating of this book couldn’t be anything less than 5 HEARTS, it was that good! I even bought the second book right after finishing this one (okay the morning after I finished it, since it was in the middle of the night ), since I just had to know how the story continues and that doesn’t happen often. Therefore I sincerely recommend this book to anyone who loves romance, time travel and the Middle Ages!

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